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For 40 years Great Gardens has sat just one mile west of Main street in Torrington.  We fill 8 houses on one acre and produce some of the areas finest and most resilient plants Eastern WY and Western NE can find.  For the last decade Jeff and his crew have continued to grow and expand on the quality and selection their customers have come to expect!  

With over 1000 plants - there are over 100 NEW varieties added each year.  We are overflowing with Vegetables - Annuals - Perennials - Roses - Trees - Shrubs - Pots - Planters - Garden Supplies - Tools - Decor and Gift items.  Great Gardens PRIDES itself in growing and nurturing plants that will not only grow but THRIVE!  

We welcome you to come out and take a look, talk to our staff and see how we can help you grow your best garden yet!  

Great Gardens isn't about's about YOUR Great Garden!


Our Vision

At Great Gardens Greenhouse , we take our plants very seriously.  In our unique climate, we focus on providing all varieties of plants that don't just survive but THRIVE! 

We are here to answer your questions and help you build the garden that is right for you.  Whether it is for food consumption, a bright and vibrant flower bed full of annuals, a low mantenance perenial bed or a somewhere in between, we strive to ensure your garden is a success! 

    -  from our friends at Proven Winners. 

Know Your Zone 

How to tell if your plant is an annual or a perennial

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