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We are proud to carry over a thousand different varieties of plants.  We are sure to have what you are looking for so please sure to ask one of our staff if you are having trouble locating a particular plant.


An annual plant is a plant that completes itslife cycle from germination  to the production of seeds, within one year, and then dies. Summer annuals germinate during spring or early summer and mature by autumn of the same year. Winter annuals germinate during the autumn and mature during the spring or summer of the following calendar year.


A perennial plant or simply perennial is a plant that lives for more than two years. The term is also widely used to distinguish plants with little or no woody growth from trees and shrubs, which are also technically perennials.


Nothing quite compares to fresh vegetables in the summer.  We carry a huge selection of hearty plants that are sure to get your garden started off strong.

Weeks Roses

At Great Gardens we are proud of everythign we grow - but nothing quite compares to our Roses!  We grow some of the best roses in the country and we can't wait for you to see them!

Trees & Shrubs

The Wyoming wind is unique and trees and shrubs are a great way to shelter your house and beds.  Let us help you select the right trees and shrubs for your landscaping needs.

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